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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No stake for change makers

Strange are the ways of the governmental systems in our country. Perhaps the situation is the same in all developing countries that are witness to the tremendous power being wielded by the politicians and bureaucrats alike. Developed countries are much different. There the politicians and the bureaucrats do not strut around like the lords of the universe. The Ministers, other political functionaries and bureaucrats in the developed societies are aware of the fact that they are there to serve the people, not their petty vested interests. They appreciate that they are the servants of the masses, not their masters. They realize that the goods and the services that are controlled by the sarkari domain are not meant for them alone, but to be shared by the entire society at large. That their role is to serve the society and facilitate the masses is a thought that is as distant to them as Mars.

The saddest thing however is that these classes of people, who are many rungs above the common man, generally remain unaffected by the malaise in the society. They are the ones who are meant to remove the malaise and stem the rot. They are the people who have the power to change things in the country. They are the only ones who through the power of their pen can bring about improvements, reduce corruption, improve the economic health of the society, make things move and make the life of the common man comfortable. But unfortunately as they do not get affected by the malaise or the rot, they have no stake whatsoever in the change. And that is precisely the reason why change for the better if any is happening at a pace that is barely visible.

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