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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Great Leveler

Death is a great leveler and its ceremonies, a tremendous humbling experience.

The wealthiest and the mightiest, the poorest and the weakest, all travel the same path to oblivion. Witnessing this ultimate moment of truth, the unending human quest for power, position and wealth pales into insignificance and what acquires significance is the need to be a good human being and indulging, not in self indulgence, but in the welfare of the humanity as a whole.

Even, the greatest of the great, Emperor Ashok did not last forever and none of us ever shall. Yet, acquiring an iota of power or wealth in comparison, that does not in any way take us on a different path, not the path to oblivion, showers a self professed greatness in many of us. And that leads us to the most fundamental question of all times. Why is it so difficult to be just a simple human being and live like one?

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