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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Devotion of the Services

I am not talking about individuals.

I am surprised at the amount of respect many officials generally have for the top guy and often wonder whether the respect bordering on overt devotion is borne out of adoration or fear. And this respect generally turns into utter disregard immediately after the top guy crosses the threshold of retirement and the attention diverts to the next bloke in the line.

I am witness to senior retired officials left to fend for themselves at social gatherings, the same official who commanded battalions of men till he was in the chair. Yes there are exceptions too. There are worthy retired seniors who command respect even post retirement, but these exceptions are few and can be counted on fingertips.

I often witness crazy levels of flattery and adoration and wonder whether this is what the so called all india, central and engineering services are all about. Flattery and adoration for petty personal gains obtained at the cost of one's own self respect 24/7.

And this brings us to the bizarre question of whether the power and position that the chair bestows is meant to be used for the betterment of the organization or self. Whether the power is meant to create a feeling of fear amongst subordinates or it is to be used for the general good is also a question the answer of which would generally not be palatable.

Yes, things have to change if the nation has to progress.

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