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Monday, February 7, 2011

Encapsulated in rank

Right from the time a youngster is inducted in what they call services, he or she permanently remains encapsulated in rank, almost always till death. And therefore we find even retired officials finding it convenient to remain under the garb of the post they earlier held, with a mild “retd” attached to it, even though it totally suppresses their personality and also individuality. The serving though would even like to forget their names and appreciate remaining encapsulated in rank, for that gives power, perks and an unbridled opportunity to fleece the system.

We have to learn to appreciate that behind the fa├žade of every rank there is a human being who is any day more important than any rank or title and therefore deserves to be treated with concern and humility.

I often wonder why bureaucrats aspire for a position? Is it to set right the organization or the nation or is it for petty personal gains? Almost all the top honchos that one bumps into in the bureaucratic system are there and would like to perpetually remain there for the power that makes them feel worthy and important even though they may be not, and for the petty personal advantages like free housing and equally free servants and other legal and illegal facilities that in their opinion are to be fleeced from the system. The beacon light on the cars of top bureaucrats is symptomatic of the deep rooted malaise, the desire to appear important in the eyes of others.

And this brings us to the basic question. What would a bureaucrat like his legacy to be? Would he like to be known as the one who manipulated all his life to rest his backside on the top chair for his personal glorification or one who by his contribution to the organization and the nation glorified the very chair he sat upon. It is indeed the misfortune of the nation that the second variety is generally found missing.

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