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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A fit of anger is always followed by a bout of regret. Anger definitely blinds. It has blinded me on so many occasions. And then it does not matter whether the person at the receiving end is my beloved wife or my best subordinate. The trigger is never the same. It changes from time to time, from venue to venue and from occasion to occasion. Constant however has been the inconsequential nature of the trigger, when viewed in hindsight. Another constant has been the deep sense of remorse after the event, when one invariably tend to make amends, knowing fully well that the situation or the relation shall never be the same again. The damage remains and also the remorse. Who gains, one wonders, till the bout of anger resurfaces again.

1 comment:

  1. Anger and belief seems co-related. No definite answers yet.

    Questions and answers may lie in history of social developments of this animal call human.

    The backside of development in all spheres of life, is that one sees development as one's own achievment, other should fall inline.

    Distress of getting others convinced or others act differently may be the main reason behind this sudden and repeated anger.

    I also faced the same fate, may be one's skill to anager managment continuously is the only solution in this ever growing world.

    One other possible reason behind anger may be the present urbanised life styles causing chemical imbalances in the body mind duo. Urbanisation and Development has caused more anger in the society all over the world.

    Present urban way of life is mostly away from natural way of living a more physical involved way life.

    Till such time i think yoga is definitely is the best self anger managment tool.