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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gyani Seniors

Is "gyan", competency or dedication to service a function of the seniority of an officer in the cadre?

The truthful answer is "NO", but the sarkari system in general thinks otherwise. The higher one climbs in the bureaucratic hierarchy, the more prone he is to believe in himself as the reincarnation of the almighty and those below in the ladder as mere mortals who commit mistakes all the time.

And therefore a difference of opinion is treated as a voice of dissent, and an individualistic expression, an act of defiance.

This false pretense as the know all and the finest of the human race in his cadre, generates distances from the truth and the ground realities. Totally oblivious of the ground realities, the make believe world comes crashing down as the D-Day approaches, D-Day the date of retirement eliminates the great distances that once separated the senior from the junior, the almighty know all from the novice and the mere mortal.

Why cant we be just human and put in our best without creating barriers that inhibit the acceptance of realities as they are?

I am foxed!

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