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Monday, December 13, 2010

Acrobatics of Statistics

The general feeling that statistics need to be maintained at acceptable levels, despite the ground realities at times saying otherwise has now almost swamped the sarkari systems cutting across sectors and levels. This feeling is an offshoot of the need of sarkari mulazims to focus only on maintaining their personal comfort and environment levels despite being paid to primarily serve the nation, not self.

And so we have continually improving statistics for that is what keeps the masters happy in a state of bllissful unawareness. Trouble starts only when the statistics start revealing the true picture of ground realities.

The advantage of doctored statistics is that sarkari mulazims then need not work, they only need to doctor the figures. The disadvantage is that in the absence of a true ground level picture, corrective actions, most of which are tough and unpleasant almost never get taken.

The nation ultimately gets what it truly deserves.

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