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Friday, December 17, 2010

Forever developing!

India, it appears is destined to forever remain in the list of developing nations. And developing nations have their own peculiar symptoms.

A bloated, inefficient and thoroughly corrupt, yet extremely powerful bureaucracy is its most visible symbol. An immature population that expects "others" to set right the ills plaguing the nation with the result that everyone becomes the complainant and there is none to act is the next visible realization. Gross chaos and huge infrastructural gap almost everywhere is the next and total apathy to a clean environment is not the last.

The sad part lies in our rank inability to identify the root cause of the problem and remaining forever rooted to and cursing the symptom.

Our rank inability to properly govern our own nation is perhaps borne out of the fact that we as a society are nowhere near the maturity levels seen in the developed nations. Paying proper attention, not mere lip service to the basic educational system in the country may be the answer.

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