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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What really adorns?

This is a question for the bureaucrats.Do we adorn the chairs that we lay our backsides on or the chair adorns our backsides?

The answer is simple. The Chair adorns the majority of the bureaucrats and that precisely is the reason why all of us (of the sarkari variety) are keen to rise in the (chair) scheme of things. And therefore we have Secretaries and equivalent to the Govt of India and other senior officials whose only aim in life had been to put their backsides on the chairs that they occupy. The aim, right from day one was never to do anything for the organization or the nation, always in the focus were the Chairs in the top rungs of the administration with attendant personal benefits, power and attention. Such bureaucrats, once they retire, pass away in oblivion rather soon, as they never leave behind any reason for which they may be remembered by posterity. Such bureaucrats, post retirement, also have ample advice for the improvement of organization and the nation, despite never having acted on the same during their period in the chair.

The bureaucrats of the rarest kind are the ones who bring glory to every seat that they occupy, by sheer dint of their hardwork, commitment, merit and adherence to basic human values. It is unfortunate that this fast depleting tribe is generally given the short shrift by the system, but times have to change if the country has to prosper.

The present bull run of mediocrity has to come to an end someday!

1 comment:

  1. Need of the hour is to find Reasons for mediocrity among Indian bureaucracy.
    Indian Railways has been my subject all along.
    Reasons for Mediocrity among Bureaucrats of Indian Railways need to go back to basics.

    As far Railway Bureaucrats are concerned, mediocrity starts right from the stage of UPSC.

    An SCRA after induction goes to IRIEEN/Nasik, IRIMEE/Jamalpur, IRICEN/Pune, IRISET/Secunderabad, RSC/Vadodara, CAMTECH/Gwalior, and other railway establishments - generally called Govt. notified Railway Institutions.

    As far as Induction of Professional from Medical and Engineering Talent is concerned it is fine. Since most of these professionals start their career as junior administrators and retire at mid to high levels of Railway administration.

    Main reasons for a continued mediocrity are firmly risen from the following;-

    1. None of the Railway Training institutions are centre of excellence like IIT, IIM, IIS, LBSNAA, IMA, etc.

    2. These does not have any academic Recognition/Affiliation from any University Particularly Governing Management Education in India or abroad.

    3. The syllabus of Management education in these institutions is neither approved by any educational institution / university.

    4. The Educators of these institutions are officers with their lien on Different Railways, not necessarily having any certified management education.

    5. These management institutions do not issue any industry valid certificate or degree in management.

    6. Short term exposure to IIM or other management centers of excellence is welcome, but surely insufficient to develop excellence at large scale. The level of railway management training cannot compete with any professional management institute.

    7. System Failures are more visible from top to bottom of Indian Railway management - in cases from Indian Railways officially being biggest client of THE Central Vigilance Commission to even Non-payment of over-time of workers for years.

    8. Most surprisingly the with the present structure of recruitment as SCRA (Intermediate qualification) one can become Chairman-Railway Board - with powers of administration as Ex-officio Secretary (Principal Secretary) - to Govt. of India - because Indian Railways being a Department of Govt. of India.

    Mediocrity is no surprise with present module.

    SOLUTION to Improve Management acumen among Indian Railways Bureaucrats.

    1. All Railway Management Training Institutions must be affiliated with Central Universities for Management qualification.

    2. Certified and valid Management Degrees / Diplomas to be made compulsory for all Managers for all future Group A postings.

    3. All Present Group A Officers to be asked to Compulsorily acquire Part Time Management / degrees in a time bound manner.

    With as vast as 1.2 Million strong manpower it is only compulsory to do something immediately being one of the biggest employers in the world.