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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Pledge

The beginning of the new year at the divisional office was with a pledge ceremony. We all pledged to fight against corruption, drinking on duty and sexual harassment. We also pledged to uphold the dignity and prestige of the Delhi division of the Indian Railways.

It was a unique beginning of a new year and the best part was that all the officers and staff were motivated, charged and also serious about the ceremony. I only hope that atleast something would sink in and for that to happen, the effort has to be continuous and sustained.

Why is it that issues like corruption, drinking on duty and sexual harassment always remain under the carpet? Why is it that we administrators discuss everything except these burning issues that have a major bearing on performance and the environment in general? Is it because we are inept, or unconcerned or ourselves immersed in these vices?

My take is that we bureaucrats are generally totally unconcerned about the organization or the nation. Our concern is only for the self and all our actions are centered around saving our skin. The passion to perform, the passion to bring about improvements, the passion to do something for the organization, nation and the society has gone for a toss.

The issue again dwells around lack of leadership!

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