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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A feudal setup!

It is disgusting to witness senior officials commanding their subordinates for petty personal favors, that necessarily can only be provided by fleecing the official machinery. And such officials are the ones on whose shoulders rests the responsibility for taking the organization forward and setting benchmarks in ethical behavior.

I am appalled at the growing penchant for misusing official staff at residences and at the same time issuing circulars counseling against such misuse. I am equally appalled at the system of assessment followed by such officials, a system that is based more more on "seva" than sheer deliverance.

A system that dispenses advice in place of support and a bureaucracy that believes in licking the backsides of its superiors and booting its subordinates neither inspires confidence nor hope.

All of us from the sarkari tantra should never forget that our loyalties are meant to be only to the organization and not its self centered mulazims. During my recent discourse to probationers, who are not yet fully exposed to the filth of the system, a youngster asked me as to why railways is still extremely feudal as compared to other services? I could only agree with him and yet had no answers.

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