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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blurred republic!

This sixty first Republic day makes us sad, because on its eve, a honest government servant has been brutally murdered by mafia. A true reflection of the state of the nation.

I love my country, almost all of its citizens do, yet I wonder how many of us take pride in it. Yes we all love our children, parents and all that is dear to us. Yet how many would take pride in a child that has gone astray, a child who has abandoned the high grounds of moral behavior for personal petty gains, a child who often brings pain to its parents? None I believe, yet they would love him.

Similar sentiments I feel for my nation. Amply loved, but no feelings of pride. The 2G scam, the commonwealth loot, the adarsh conduct and the deposits in swiss accounts, are they the signs of a nation that one can be proud of? The rampant corruption, the abject poverty, lopsided development, a nincompoop bureaucracy and inadequate masters again make the heart bleed on this day when all of the nations citizens should be celebrating.

Where are we heading to? Will we forever wait for a leader who pulls the nation out of the mess it finds itself in and lead it towards development and growth in the true sense.

One can only hope and pray!


  1. Sr, I am with the same thought of yours. May God save my nation from the all going EVILS. Need to take pledge as your honourship does at every platform of address and let others have the pledge of HONESTY. We are in deep THINK, yes, sir.

  2. Sir, I share the grief with all, whose conscience is stirred by the brazen assault and burning of an honest and righteous human being. It is extremely painful and disgusting – how long Satyendra Dubeys , Manjunaths, or Yashwant Sonawanes will be brutally murdered and burned alive for performing their assigned duties honestly for the benefit of the nation and its hapless masses.
    Spate of such dastardly incidents and their continuance can be attributed to many factors, mainly
    -Social sanction and respect to the dubious and corrupt people who accumulate and flaunt money earned through unfair means.
    -Official apathy towards the victims of corruption and patronage to the corrupt.

    Sir, the flames emanating from the killing fields of Panewadi village have certainly blurred our republic and we see the dark silhouettes behind these flames which are both disturbing and horrible, enough to haunt a sane and sensitive mind.

    It appears that we have evolved the wrong way, ours is a society of contradictions – we have civilized society but with uncivilized traits. In our civilized society, gagging the voice of sanity, murder of humanity and violence, inherent since its inception still continues.

    I vividly recall the words of Giordano Bruno, free-thinker and scientist, who was burned at stake on 17th Feb. 1600 in Rome by the church, for supporting, mainly the Copernican heliocentric model of our Solar system and Plurality of Worlds and for raising the Voice against vices prevalent in the society-

    “You will see, in mixed confusion, snatches of cutpurses, wiles of cheats, enterprises of rogues; also delicious repulsiveness, bitter sweets, foolish decisions, mistaken faith and crippled hopes, niggard charities, judges noble and serious for other men’s affairs with little truth in their own; virile women, effeminate men and voices of craft and not of mercy so that he who believes most is most fooled, and everywhere the love of gold.”