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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fatal mediocrity!

Mediocrity is dangerous; it is almost fatal if it rules the roost at apex levels in organizations. The boss then resorts to belittling his subordinates almost always thereby ensuring that his mediocre abilities remain shrouded in curtains. Another star strategy is to engulf the entire organization in run of the mill affairs thereby ensuring that rank incompetence in handling major issues never comes to the fore.

It is indeed painful to witness a scenario wherein those manning top positions use abusive language with the officers and staff reporting to them and derive vicarious pleasure in the discomfiture of their subordinates. 

The future of the organization appears rather bleak on witnessing the top guy shrieking at his subordinates in fits of rage. The abusive language and the fits of rage however subside at sixty when the guy suddenly becomes an epitome of dignified behaviour and cherishes the company of very those whom he abhorred till very recently.

Inbreeding and that too in massive dosages is the reason for such behaviour. Injection of outside blood, at apex levels to begin with may give a fresh perspective and also perhaps the realization that shrieks and abuses are not the best way to run organizations.

God help such organizations. Amen!

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