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Monday, October 1, 2012

Corruption - Beyond the CBI & CVC

Corruption! Is it really beyond the CVC, CBI and the Courts now?

Yes, it is true that despite the presence of elaborate set ups like the CVC, CBI and a plethora of Courts of various hues, the menace of corruption has been touching new highs with each passing day. A new scam makes its entry on the horizon even before the import of the previous one is fully assimilated by the masses. It is a never ending cycle, almost like the non-stop landing of planes at a busy airport. CWG, 2G, Adarsh and the Coalgate, all got fired in rapid succession as if they were bullets in the defense of the nation. And there have been many more scams before, irrespective of the party in power, that the aam aadmi directly affected by acts of petty corruption covering his every interaction with the sarkari tantra, is unable to retain in his limited memory cells.

CVC & CBI, the overworked organs of the state have almost lost the battle that they were designed to fight. Partly because it appears as if these are the only organs of the state that are mandated to fight corruption, while the others are mandated to perpetuate. That vigilance is the fundamental duty of every executive has unfortunately remained a distant thought in the Indian bureaucratic system.

Tremendous and continued emphasis on fighting corruption has started taking a visible toll on delivery. That the aim of the nation or for that matter any organization has to be delivery should never be in doubt. Eliminating corruption or making people honest can and should never be the aim except when “being on the take” starts hampering delivery. And yes in India it has hampered delivery in the first sixty five years of existence as a free nation and therefore warrants a head on approach. But will a head on approach as is widely visible in the nation, through the aegis of the mandated agencies, be able to give results. May be it will, but the results so far are not in tune with the size of the problem.   

Perhaps the tantra needs to look at issues differently if its drive to eliminate corruption from the face of the country has to show results. The complexity of the processes invariably provides an effective shield to the corrupt and the only way forward lies in the simplification of the complex processes, at all levels. Let us reduce the number of thumb impressions per decision and if possible eliminate or drastically reduce files. This will improve productivity, fix accountability and in the process decimate corruption. Everyone will then be fully accountable for his or her acts of omission or commission and will either pay the price for non-deliverance or enjoy the fruits of delivery in the backdrop of an immediate exposure for acts of impropriety. The process driven, not delivery oriented complex contracting mechanisms that have so far guaranteed shortcomings in quality, quantities and timely execution besides creating ample opportunities for loot also need to be overhauled.

We have to accept that our decision-making and contractual mechanisms, designed in the garb of providing transparency have failed and therefore deserve a total overhaul. This overhaul that may prove to be the single most effective weapon in the battle against corruption has to be wielded by the executive, not the mandated agencies. Status quoism perhaps prevents the executive to make the first move and may be rightly so as many have paid the price of coming out of the shell in their quest for being change agents. 

Yes, it is true that this path is a difficult one. The conventional route is high on visibility, many shades easier and also creates a mirage of action, when none is actually taking place.

The thought processes have to undergo a radical change. 

Insha Allah!


  1. Sir, much has been written on issues. Not possible ro finish the evil.

  2. Dear TA,

    Corruption is omnipresent today. Red-tapism is so much in India that justice is both delayed and denied as it gives so much time to the culprit to manipulate and escape scot-free.
    And there is only one perfect solution to any sort of injustice - "On the spot treatment" or "Justice on the Spot". I would like to quote three incidents:

    1. Yesterday's news on NDTV: Two officers beaten by 100s of homeguards on demanding bribe.

    2. Mob setting on fire the garage of a rapist at Bhopal.

    3. A photgraph in Dainik Bhaskar- An Indore girl beating a boy with her sandal.

    All these shows the public rage and disappointment with the system. Also lack of trust in government and its system. This is the reason people are taking law and order in their hand.

    No "Anna Party", no andolan, only justice on the spot is the solution.

    What do you say?

    1. If we are from the government, the least we can do is set our own house in order. Justice on the spot only comes next. I have seen many railway officers who crib about the system outside yet do nothing to set their own house in order.