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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The rise of the pygmies!

I find it difficult to overcome my penchant to focus on obvious faults in the railway system and therefore invariably veer around to the (non) working of its bureaucrats. I am now rather convinced that the fundamental issue with this great organization is its too many cadres and the heavy intake in each that ensures that none in our services has any substantive charge that he or she has full control over. This lack of power or authority is largely instrumental in the rise of the pygmies as they say it, within the organization.

Blokes from other services generally have authority from day one, authority that they may or may not use for the development or growth of the organization, but our kids are kept engaged right from day one in mundane matters, as mundane as finding their feet within the organization. The only authority that the organization confers on them is that of punishing and ridiculing their subordinates and also their clients, an act that they become adept at rather fast and practice throughout their (non) working career, exceptions apart of course.

This thirst to be seen as one with power and pelf leads to distortions within the organization as can be seen in the autocratic style of functioning of almost all those who occupy general management positions with utter disregard for the fact that these positions would serve better if the occupier had leadership qualities rather than sadistic tendencies. A cultural shift is the crying need of the hour.

The solution perhaps lies in implementing the various committee reports that suggested having only one cadre for the railways, with simultaneous reduction in the intake. After all, induction into the services should not be done with the sole aim of providing employment opportunities and perpetuating the status quo.

With almost everyone being a departmental officer with a limited vision, the next obvious question would be who shall do it. Obviously it has to be none other than the top guy. Merger of the services is the biggest issue with the widest ramifications and therefore should be the utmost concern of the big boss. Perhaps being busy in the mundane is not leaving the upper crust with the time or energy for visionary thinking. The upper crust has to comprise of visionaries who lead the organization especially at times like the present.

If only wishes were horses!  

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