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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Changing Governments, Static Governance

The recent episode (s) involving gadkari of the major opposition party has come as a blow to the aam aadmi of this nation. His disenchantment with the sarkar of the day always had a release valve in his ability to bring in a new government by exercising his power of vote but this one incident has blasted the faint flame of hope that he always kept tucked away deep in his heart. In all fairness, this incident is unfair to the aam aadmi who feels duped.

The recent series of scams beginning with the CWG have shaken the polity of this nation to its core. Never before in the history of an independent India have levels of probity in public life touched lows recently witnessed, and never before has the nation witnessed the brazenness of the ruling dispensation in handling such ignominious acts. Yet despite the new set of standards that have been set, the act of rewarding a mantri who duped the handicapped and then issued extinction threats is beyond the acceptance of a sane society. This sole incident may have been the pivot around which the government would have exited, but for the gadkari incident.

Who does the electorate turn to when it is an open warfare, a no holds barred war between two gangs of politicians both of which have their hand firmly in the till? Indeed the predicament of the aam aadmi is pitiable for he installs a government, gets disenchanted, changes the government and gets disenchanted again. The aam aadmi now appreciates that irrespective of the shades of the party in power, governance remains as rotten as always. The cutting edge functionaries of the tantra remain as corrupt as they always were, infrastructure continues to be in tatters and inflation is always on the rise. Yet the only difference in the shades of governance remains in the quantum of corruption indulged in by those elected to power, it varies from a few crores to a few thousand crores to lakhs of crores as witnessed in the recent past. Yet thieves are thieves and one who stole less can by no stretch of imagination claim moral superiority over his brethren.

The politicos and bureaucrats continue to have a hey day, the media remains busy lapping up and selling juicy stories and the aam aadmi continues to suffer, yet silently awaits his opportunity to plunder and loot. 


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