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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No right to differ!

A worrying trend being recently witnessed across the nation is the inability of the powers that matter to accept that other human beings can have an opinion that is different from theirs and also perhaps that of the establishment. The very recent incident of arrests of two girls at Mumbai, merely for voicing an opinion at variance with the sentiments that flowed and the arrests of cartoonists for drawing caricatures found unacceptable by powerful people are pointers to the widespread surfacing of intolerance even amongst those from whom tolerance is generally expected as a mandatory virtue.

The leaders of yesteryears were towering and also witty personalities who would have borne the sarcasm or a differing viewpoint in such harmless exercises if any, in their stride. Even Nehru, the tallest statesman that this nation has produced was often the butt of many caricatures and satires, but never did he lose his cool or express his annoyance in retaliation. Well that is what differentiates a true leader from the rest, yet our major issues being societal in nature, the “rest” alone cannot be held fully accountable for the torrid state of affairs. 

With bureaucrats it is different. The petty ego that they have been preserving since the beginning of their careers with care flares up at the slightest pretext and a difference of opinion by a subordinate is definitely a major pretext to get annoyed. Fortunately however, while the bureaucrats can create a scene or at best spoil confidential reports and the career of those subservient to them, the politico can manage violence and arrests as recently witnessed. One attempts what he is capable of and there is definitely no case for a moral superiority of one over the other. 

Ego is at the core of the issue. “The bigger the ego, the weaker the performance” is a true saying yet never appreciated in the real sense or perhaps the priorities are more practically poised. It is indeed the misfortune of the nation that for the majority of the politicos and bureaucrats, “ego” is their sole prized possession and hence the passionate struggle for its preservation at the cost of the nation. Petty ego of the powers that matter has with passage of time emerged as the hallmark of developing and underdeveloped nations to their detriment. 

Perhaps it has much to do with being in the league of developing nations even after over sixty five years of existence as a free nation. The inability to make a difference in a system designed to rule and control leads to a loss of pride and self esteem and what better way to restore it, other than by belittling others. And so we have seniors who are unable to accept even minor differences of opinion with the masses that they ostensibly represent and the fleet of bureaucrats literally following in their footsteps.

We as a society need to grow up in the real sense. That the seats of power are a tool to serve the society and the nation and not merely means of self aggrandizement needs appreciation. And regarding a different set of opinion as a sign of dissent is definitely not in tune with the democratic principles of governance.  Moreover the hunger for power merely for raising ones stature and means of sustenance is also not a quality that one looks forward to from those who are meant to govern, not rule the nation.

Good governance is the crying need of the hour and it is indeed sad that it appears to be a utopian concept in the present times.


  1. Indian railways is a true example of an organisation in which those in higher posts demand absolute loyalty and Chamchagiri from subordinate officers & employees!

  2. Dissent can only be accepted by the one who is above the mundane need of pandering to his/her ego......it is soul right to dis agree.....as every soul comes with a Free Will and Choice.....A dissent may be just the facade covering a great learning.....and the wise one will look beyond the ego to uncover the gift of dissent and take the learning...
    Again every thing that one dis agrees is according to one's perception and state of mind at the moment.....it is perceived according to one's own thoughts.....
    It would save so much chaos...mis understanding and violence if the root cause of dissent could be seen with a clear vision and an open heart !

  3. We indian were the best prophesying saints and best imaginative writers.But most of us write against what we ourselves practice. We must first look into our own sleeves. Yes that applies to me too.
    We only appreciate those subordinates we either have head or tail to wag in affirmation. we act as per their sonorous whispers, which mostly are to hurt others to save their turf of misdeed.

    Especially in India if you want promotion and recognition, one must keep these in mind.
    1:- Boss is always right , They have only two lines, Boss in always right. if in doubt refer line number 1.
    2:- We indians educate our children only to earn more, which means that we don't mind educated cheat among us . with only Raju, harshad only few among those being caught , many go scotfree. Thank god hazi mastan was not much educated , otherwise he would created havoc.
    3:- One often writes hatred for political pressure but does every wrong thing under political pressure to save his own post. Which is stumbling block in the way of motivation
    and harmonious work culture. One can not fool all at all times. One may do nasty things
    at the cost of peace in society at large.
    Culture of blessing sycophants dates back in ancient india. Lord shiva too blessed left right and center on whoever touched his feet. Bhasmasur played havoc due to such indian love for tail wagers .

  4. आज कल एक कहानी बहुत उछल रही है व्हट्सएप्प में ,
    एक लुटेरों की संस्था बहुत वाक चतुर हो गयी थी , उसने राजा को यकीन दिलाया कि वह ऐसी हीरो की पोशाक बना सकता है किसको हर सच्चा आदमी ही देख और परख पायेगा. पर ऐसा आदमी आपके द्वारा प्रमाणित हो . राजा ने अपने आस पास गर्व से देखा कहा . ये सभी सच्चे और ईमानदार लोगो बड़े बड़े जगहों पर आशीत है .
    पोशाक बनाने के लिए राजा से हीरे लेके चला गया , कई बार हीरे लेजाने के बाद , राजा ने समय समय पर अपने बड़े बड़े पदाधिकारियों को भेजा, सभी ने देखा कि कारीगर बड़ी ध्यान मगन हो कर कुछ कर रहे थे पर उन्हें दिखाई कुछ नहीं दिया , प्रश्न करने पर लुटेरा जोहरी बोला क्या तुम्हे सचमुच कुछ दिखाई नहीं दे रहा है , मुझे राजा जी से बोलना
    पड़ेगा , यह सुनकर वे सोचने लगे कि उन्हें क्यों नहीं दिख रहा है ,उनका अपने अंतर जमीर परिक्षण से रूह कांपने लगा , और बोले , नहीं नहीं ये देखो हमें सब कुछ दिख रहा है ,

    लौट कर उन्होंने बताया कि उन्होंने हीरे की अद्भुत पोशाक बनते देखी, प्रभावित होकर अगले दिन और लोग गए , सभी के साथ ऐसा ही हुआ , लौट कर सब ने बनते पोशाक की बखान की .

    अंत में जब राजा के पास कपटी जोहरी आया और वह अदृश्य पोशाक दिखाया, सबने वाहवाही की , पर राजा सोचे जब सबको दिख रहा है , और वह जनता है राज करने में कपट करना ही पड़ता है , यदि वह नहीं दिखने की बात करता है तो उसकी पोल खुल जाएगी , जरूर खुद कपटी होने के कारन उसे नहीं दिखाई दे रहा है .अतः राजा भी बोला बहुत अच्छा पोशाक है .

    जोहरी ने उसे राजा को पहनाया और राजा अपने ईंमानदार पदाधिरियों से घिरे जलसे में चल पड़ा , पर सभी हीरे के पोशाक के जय जय कर करते दिखे .

    चलते चलते रास्ते में एक छोटा चुलबुल बच्चा खेलखेल में भीड़ के अंदर आ गुसा , और राजा की तरफ नंगा नंगा बोलने लगा .

    उसे छोटे बच्चे की निश्छलता का बोध था , और होश में आया , पर तक तक लुटेरा जोहरी भाग चूका था

    अपने गिरेबान में देखो , क्या आपके दिए के तले सब कुछ ठीक हो रहा है . क्या जो दो बार फेल होने वाला आपके पीस का बेटे को पायलट बनाना ठीक समझते हो , या अपने कार्यकारी सहायक की पत्नी को प्रभावी कानून को दरकिनार करके उनके कानून संगत पदोन्नति के दिन को सालों पीछे करके बड़ा आर्थिक लाभ दिला कर उचित समझते हो

    जय भारत भ्रस्ट महान चोरी करते सीना तान ,
    मोदी के चोली के नीचे , नंगों की उत्पत्ति को सींचे .
    आज हो शायद कल नहीं , कानून अंधी है पर गैर कानूनी तेरी खैर नहीं ,
    मोदी कोई धृतराष्ट्र नहीं , किसी को तुझ से बैर नहीं
    वह गया तो तेरी खैर नहीं .ले डूबेगी अहंग तेरी, कोई गैर नहीं