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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The unforgettables - Corruption!

It is about corruption all over the newspapers, every day. After Anna Hazare, it is Baba Ramdeo who has jumped on the bandwagon. The Prime Minister also everyday displays his steely resolve to stamp out corruption. The march to the abode of the thieves, the Tihar jail, has also started in right earnest, though it is yet to pick up speed. The concern is whether one Tihar shall be adequate for the fleet of corrupt men(and women) in high places that this nation can flaunt? All good intentions no doubt but shall these measures really help?

Not much really! All these measures including the oft repeated expressions of a steely resolve against corruption definitely make a good headline, but that is about all. Like all good intentions that are not backed up by action, a sight so often witnessed by bureaucrats like me, the present euphoria against corruption shall also fade away with time. Forgotten shall be the Kalmadi's, Kanimozhi's, Raja's and Behura's and their place shall be usurped by a young and dynamic team of plotters who shall not disappoint the citizens by leaving no stone unturned in milching the nation.

When shall the nation, including its well intentioned bigwigs realize that corruption is not a disease, but a symptom. When shall we appreciate that it is not only the CWG and the 2G that we have to fight against, but the entire sarkari tantra, each and every single kalpurja of it, that has gone absolutely rotten. And if corruption was a disease, the nation is so highly infected by it that there is no chance of survival. And if it is a symptom, we only have to look for the disease and cure it.

The archaic decision making and the over complex contractual processes that throng the entire sarkari system, cutting across sectors and state boundaries are the culprits. These processes lead to diffused accountability and no responsibility whatsoever. The oft touted symbol of dynamic delivery in the nation, the Indian Railways is no different. Despite being a small player in the gigantic railway network, I am amazed at the rot and the sloth that these two archaic processes have led to. Deep rooted corruption, down to the grassroots, and yet the management, the top management chooses to be oblivious of the same and finds solace in mundane chores that are rapidly pushing the organization downhill.

We from the hindu religion believe in destiny and I am therefore convinced that it is the destiny of this nation to forever continue to occupy the prime spot in the list of the most corrupt societies of the world. Amen!


  1. I appreciate your verve on such issues. Concentrating responsibility in one person for decision making rather than diffusing it over 100 would reduce corruption - although it may look like a contrarian idea.
    Blackmoney is the watering hole which provides sustanance to corruption, terrorism, drug mafia, antisocials and the like. There is a strong nexus between them. Investigations into funding of J&K terrorists lead to Jain Hawala diaries - full of corrupt names.
    Hence controlling blackmoney is very important.
    I have a presentation on more detailed analysis of drivers of corruption at http://prezi.com/0x-ilsen4tjw/drivers-of-corruption/
    Girish Bhatnagar
    Retd GM/ ECR

  2. Sir, your conscience stirring views, complex but apt analysis of Sh.Bhatnagar of “drivers of corruption”, stink in the ambience and prevailing charged atmosphere have forced me to come out of my cocoon. For me, if I put it simply, corruption is not only giving and taking of bribe for getting any work done out of the way or for seeking undue favour but also getting or being paid more than the due and performing less than the allotted work.
    Corruption has permeated so deep in our psyche and social fabric that it has become part of it and no longer stirs our conscience.”Sab chalta hai or Itna to chalta hai” is social philosophy of present times. But there are limits for everything. We are God fearing and deeply religious people and boasts of our ancient and rich heritage but at the same time are amongst the most corrupt nations in the world. What a contradiction!!!
    Have we really lost the will to give something better to the posterity other than a corrupt society devoid of any values?
    Every where there is loot, naked, blood splattering dance of the Satan. Sometimes I feel ashamed of belonging to this species Homo sapiens. Vultures vanished from the sky appears to have gone into metamorphosis!
    No one can absolve himself of the present rot in the society. I am corrupt if I disregard laws of the land and society and breach moral conduct. I am corrupt; I am sinner, if I choose to remain ignorant of the mayhem of the moral values.