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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The crusade of the crusaders

The current scenario in the country makes one sad. After all what is the fault of Baba Ramdeo that has made him undergo an experience so painful. First being pampered and then being kicked, by the establishment, just because he stood up for truth, and also commands a very strong fan following. If it was just truth, none would have bothered, but what created fear is the following. What appears from the media reports is that he has been hurt mentally, more than physically. Anna Hazare, another crusader also has to often face what one can term as, disrespect to a pure soul, and that is because he comes out as a genuine crusader for probity in public life who has also acquired a larger than life image in the nation.

The crusade to cleanse the society of its ills is a tough call that cannot be fully appreciated by most of us, even armchair crusaders like me. That a crusader would have to face ignominy and his life shall be tough, sometimes even to the point of extinction is almost guaranteed and yet he crusades. A trial by fire is what all crusaders have to face and that is the real truth of their lives. And that is why crusaders like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdeo are rare commodities. Perhaps if one searches around with a magnifying glass, not more than one crusader from amongst a millian Indians would be found.

Yet, these crusaders give us hope, a hope that all is not yet lost and the nation can still be redeemed. A hope that in this nation of people with jelly like spine who are prepared to accept gross injustice at the hands of a few, there are still a few men who have the courage to stand up, even to the might of the empire, for the cause of what all of us secretly desire in our hearts, evolution of a just and equitable society.

And that is reason enough to live and rejoice!

1 comment:

  1. Yes sir,
    All is not yet over; despite shiver and chill in the spine, the recent happenings have given us enough warmth for sustenance of hope… a glimmer … at the end of the tunnel. Even the Black Holes, known for devouring anything which comes in their vicinity, even light, are being considered as emitting energy…and also as gateways to another universe… Lo … there is way out!!!

    As I write these lines Moon is being shadowed by Earth, harbinger of darkness… yet hope is not lost… there will be light…darkness may be long but dawn is not far away…

    “Wo subah kabhee to aayegee, wo subah kabhee to aayegee
    In kaalee sadiyon ke sar se, jab raat kaa aanchal dhalakegaa
    Jab dukh ke baadal pighalenge, jab sukh kaa saagar chhalakegaa
    Jab ambar zoom ke naachegaa, jab dharatee nagmei gaayegee
    Wo subah kabhee to aayegee”

    Sir, despite my personal anguish, pain and suffering, I am hopeful. After all, Life itself evolved out of countless catastrophes and cataclysms over billions of years and it goes on…

    “Out of the dusk, a shadow, then a lark;
    Out of the cloud, a thunder, then a spark;
    Out of the heart, a rupture, then a pain;
    Out of the dead, cold ashes, life again…