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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Change of Guard!

Change of guard leads to interesting times. When the guard changes, the men who directly or indirectly report to the guard also change and on full display in those times is the frail character of men. Salute the rising sun and kick the setting sun is always the motto of "common" men, who thrive in the sarkari tantra.

The setting "sun" unwillingly, after many failed attempts at continuing his reign slowly descends from the sky and starts assuming human proportions and form, a radical contrast from his once divine apparition. Gone is the arrogance and the common tendency to dispense, not favors but what he once considered the fountain of knowledge. Slowly and steadily, as the D-Day approaches, his general tendency to demean those who were under him and lick the butts of those above, starts reversing. The memory that once failed him when the sun was at its zenith, slowly starts returning and the common man who stood forgotten starts getting recognized.

The rising sun on the contrary is on a different high and starts assuming godly proportions and form. Suddenly the words that he utters are lapped up by all those who flock around him. Whatever is left of his spine after so many years of service to the nation (bullshit) starts assuming a new form, that of jelly in front of his political masters and iron in front of his subjects. The subjects too have by then switched their loyalties and are always more than keen to display their appreciation of whatever the new rising sun says or does, while at the same time demeaning all those who occupied the chair before him. For petty personal gains, they are more than eager to pay obeisance in whatever form is called for, to their new master. "Soul" is sold for a pittance.

The game continues. The rising sun becomes the setting sun and a new rising sun takes over. The organization and the country remains where it was.


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