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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great nation, not so great people!

Not everything is bad about India after all!

A country where elections see a change of power with amazing regularity, a country where the high and mighty are toppled even by new entrants into politics with amazing ease. A country that despite practising and displaying gross mismanagement cutting across sectors and state boundaries, is perhaps still the finest example of conducting free and fair elections from amongst the biggest conglomerate of electors in the world.

Yes, it is indeed gratifying that India is the finest and the largest example of a truly functional democracy in the world. A country where everyone is free to do whatever one pleases and this has also been our bane. A nation that acquired independence when almost eighty percent of its citizens were illiterate and the national infrastructure was in tatters, yet it made its constituents free and look where we are now.

Peaceful coexistence of contrasts is another feather in the cap of the nation. Here the dirty rich coexist with the abject poor, the powerful with the powerless and the gliteratti with the glitter less. A nation that offers the perfect platform for a revolution and yet nothing happens. The citizens happily accept whatever platter is offered to them.

Yes, India is indeed a great nation after all!

1 comment:

  1. Sir, Indeed India is a great country but the issue is everybody is in race to earn money and somewhere people have forgotten their origin.
    And above all has huge population to feed the basics of the human being.
    If we have to change for the better future it will take 25 years of dedicated people and power of changing the education system. Its time for the action and there are people who are willing to work on this front. Waiting for the right person to take the torch and lead in front.
    It's high time to do something right now. Mark my words there will be civil war in India after 15 - 20 years and people will kill each other for small issues.
    Govt should come up with good 20 years educational budget instead of big Defense Budget with changed systems all together and education should be compulsory for everybody in this system and all private schools should be taken over.
    But who will bell the Cat....