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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reality Vs Statistics

Statistics shroud reality, and this is the fundamental reason why almost all of us are busy in creating favorable statistics.

Though we generally don’t’ ever, but we all should occasionally stop and ponder, whether good statistics can ever take priority over good deliverance? Yes for short term personal gains, statistics alone make all the difference, yet in the long run, focus only on statistics can destroy any organization. And this is generally happening with amazing ease in the sarkari sector cutting across sectors and state boundaries.

The civil service, of which I am also a miniscule component, takes pride whenever it submits improved statistics, figures that are apparently better than the corresponding period of the previous year, and invariably since the day this nation became independent, we have been witness to continuously improving statistics. Yet, this developing nation is still almost at the bottom of the list of nations in about all development indexes. This fact alone proves the irrelevance of statistics for the organization and nation at large, despite its extreme relevance for the fleet of babus who (mis)manage the country.

This reinforces the theory of a total and absolute disconnect that the so called managers of this nation have with the ground realities. This situation has to change if the nation has to march forward. And for it to happen, the political masters have to put the bureaucracy in its rightful place, that of true servants of the nation.

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