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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The spice of life!

In uncertainity lies the spice of life. If we knew exactly the turn that our lives would take in future, the fun, spice and excitement would fade away leading to a drab and fearful existence.

Who could have imagined that the economic superpower of the world, Japan, would suddenly stand devastated. It is moments like these that bring us face to face with the power that the supreme power wields over the human race. And despite the high sounding titles and positions that humans may wield, they all pale into insignificance when nature shows its sleight of hand. Yet the human quest for wealth and power continues unabated, despite often being made aware of their transient and also, if one delves deeply enough, insignificant nature.

Yes, the twin mirages of power and wealth may give us sensory pleasures but they do not make us immortal. And the silent slide into the other world, is devoid of any worldly affiliations. And then what really matters is whether one has been a good human being or not, whether one has treated other souls with human dignity, despite tremendous hierarchial and social differences that may or may not have existed.

Is it not absurd that we spend our lifetime chasing mirages and in the process lose out on the true essence of life. That life is to be led for a purpose that cannot be service of self is a thought that remains as distant to most of us as the planet mars is to earth. That the great leveler is the fact that all of us are human beings and mere differences in materialistic wealth and sphere of influence do not ultimately matter in the long run is a thought that we need to dwell upon!

1 comment:

  1. Truly balming words. Such earthly events bring us face to face with stark realities of life, transitoriness of human life, its existence. And when we look beyond our earth- home to myriad forms of life, citadel of Homo Sapiens, home to forming and dissolving mighty empires, love and deceit- we realize its insignificance, a mote of dust, a speck of mould, a tiny blue dot in a vast ocean of fathomless cosmic ocean having billions of galaxies containing countless stars with encircling planets, teeming with life, in all probability with really intelligent life! Earthly disasters pale before the cosmic catastrophes, such as colliding stars and even galaxies, devouring black holes, matter, anti-matter annihilating each other, silent evaporation of most enduring particle “proton”….. transforming, perhaps, into yet another universe!

    Sansa ki har shai ka itna hi fasana hai,
    Ik dhund se aana hai, ik dhund mein jaana hai.

    Emanating from the rubbles of Fukushima, along with life threatening radiations are heart-warming stories of whatever we may term, work ethics, human endurance, courage, patriotism, humanism…

    Jeewan ka ye rang aapko-sabko mubark….