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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazing Railways! Incredible India!

Incredible India could do with some credibility. This thought dawned on me while in line to receive the National Tourism award for New Delhi Railway Station at Hotel Ashok on the 28th this month. Our credibility and also our national pride has gone for a toss with the non stop revelations of incredible scams day in and day out. This perhaps is in a way responsible for the fleeting fervor of national pride that the forthcoming battle of the titans at Mohali has provided. With almost nothing to feel proud of, a win against our old rivals may provide a fleeting moment of national pride.
Incredible, isn't it?

The great Indian Railways that is still the most visible symbol of dynamic delivery in our nation is also amazing. That it delivers despite being an antithesis of an efficient corporate is a tribute to its cutting edge employees. Its acts of abundance in bonuses, awards, ceremonies and saloons impart it a sheen of a cash rich organization, even though on the other hand it is forced, for want of funds of course, to stop all non-staff payments much before the closure of the financial year. Amazing is its HR policy, despite being the largest employer in the world. Yet, it remains the most important economic lifeline of the nation.
Amazing, isn't it?

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