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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The power game

Power to harass!
Power to transfer!
Power to suspend!
Power to summon and fire!
Power to stop things from hapenning!
Power to dispense knowledge and ideas!
Power to throw your weight around!
Power to install a beacon!
Power to be important!
Power to be nasty!

Sounds familiar. All of us are generally mute spectators to the unbridled dance of powerful people. What we are generally not witness to is the -

Power to improve!
Power to help!
Power to make things happen!
Power to make the environment better!
Power to improve and increase infrastructure!
Power to dispense happiness!

Yes, the real power is the one that is utilized for the good of the society. Is it not unfortunate that what is generally on display is the vulgar flaunting of power for the sake of the self? And the higher one rises in the sarkari hierarchy, the more prone is he to misuse the power conferred on him, not because he is cat's whiskers, but by virtue of temporarily resting his backside on a seat that is not really his. And it is hilarious that the "post power" scenario marks a radical reversal in the thought processes of erstwhile powerful people.

I wonder whether things will ever change for the better!

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