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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Know-All syndrome

It is almost daily that one bumps into a Mr Know-All, inside the great Indian bureaucratic well. And it is not at all surprising that these living and walking epitomes of knowledge and wisdom do not miss any opportunity to flaunt their superiority over lesser mortals. With exceptions of-course, the high and mighty whose primary responsibility is that of providing vision and leadership, are perpetually engaged in battles of one upmanship, but never with their superiors.

When shall the top guys of the sarkari sector realize that what they are paid for is not what they generally end up doing. Remaining occupied in the mundane, for that is the easiest thing to do, is what the upper echelons are generally busy doing day in and day out. And therefore the organization suffers in the long and also short runs and the top guys remain busy passing the buck to the lower rungs for the sorry state of affairs.

These eminent Know-All's never take the rap for anything. And that is the sure shot sign of decaying organizations. It is the top guys who have to steer organizations, not by flaunting their shallow pools of knowledge, but by providing vision and leadership and assuming full responsibility, especially for things gone wrong.

It is rather unfortunate the the reign of mediocrity in our nation shows no sign of ebbing and therefore the Mr Know-All's shall continue to thrive.

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