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Friday, October 4, 2013

Cleaning the stables!

The battle to apportion credit for the ordinance rollback is indeed amusing. The ordinance that emerged out of the desire of politicos cutting across party lines to remain in the reckoning despite being convicted of crimes was processed in total disregard to the orders of the apex court and the need for probity in public life. Now that the prince has called the bluff, the race amongst different political dispensations to assume credit for the withdrawl has indeed assumed hilarious proportions.

The proposed ordinance followed by the bill was definitely against the concept of ethics and probity in public life. Unfortunately our political system has degenerated to such an extent that it has become almost impossible for a decent guy to aspire to become a public representative. While the court order is a major step in cleaning the stables, what is ultimately required is to evolve a system that attracts and retains good guys in governing the nation through the political route. 

In the melee caused by the battle, the primary issue with tremendous ramifications did not perhaps get the attention it so rightfully deserves. The issue is the sudden and abrupt reversal of a cabinet decision of the government of India at the calling of an individual even if the individual is dead right. The reasons are right, yet the methods are wrong.

While the nation appreciated the bold, desirable and much needed line taken by the prince, the sanctity of a cabinet decision of the republic that needs to be maintained has been violated.  Had the cabinet on its own reversed the decision after self introspection it would not have caused consternation amongst the populace, but now it has. A situation wherein a Member of Parliament is placed on a mantle higher than the cabinet of the republic is undoubtedly sad, irrespective of the party in power.

It is a downhill race to doom. With each passing day we witness a new low in the conduct of our leaders and institutions. During discussions, a leading industrialist recently highlighted the sloth in the judicial system of the country wherein decisions are for sale almost everywhere with only rare exceptions. The rot in the executive system is also so deeply entrenched and acceptable that people feel slighted only when work does not get despite bribe being paid.

And the race to be the blue eyed boys at the expense of the nation is indeed getting murkier by the day. But what has really taken the cake is the conduct of the present dispensation rising in unison to turn down what they only earlier proposed. Perhaps they also knew what they were doing was wrong.

The silver lining however is that right seems to have ultimately prevailed despite politicos cutting across party lines willing otherwise. Long live the prince. 

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