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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The turmoil within!

The ongoing turmoil ignited by the Mahesh episode is akin to a tsunami slamming the nation. It has also led many of us to look within and ponder on the growing absence of character and value systems as one rises (if one calls it rise) within the system. Yet it is surprising that within official forums in public or private sectors, one rarely witnesses either a focus or an open discussion on the pressing need to eradicate corruption, instil value systems and build character within the machinery meant to manage affairs. These fundamental issues are almost always brushed under the carpet in favour of mundane matters or vested interests. These also continue to remain taboo and are never brought on the table, perhaps due to the absence of men with sound value systems who have the courage to call a spade a spade.

Yes it is true that in the bureaucratic arena, a spade is often identified with a spoon or a fork. Sheer absence of stress on “truth” in the land of the Mahatma ensures that the torrid state of affairs retain a valid ground to continue ad infinitum. It is also apparent that whenever the custodians of rules, procedures and systems abdicate their responsibility for personal gains, lack of concern or out of fear, disgraceful incidents like the one recently witnessed start surfacing.  

Professional honesty is the key and the lack of it acts as a powerful catalyst for corruption of the financial kind, yet what the nation invariably witnesses and remains concerned about is matters relating to financial impropriety. A myopic view of the organization, delaying execution of decisions and projects, lack of objectivity in decision making and contractual matters, lack of objectivity in personnel matters, inability to stand up to illegal orders, maltreatment of subordinates and a lack of concern for growth and development are few of the glaring examples of professional dishonesty that invariably cause a more permanent damage than isolated cases of financial impropriety. Quite often even established rules processes and systems are either followed or given the go by merely to suit the convenience or moods of the powers that matter. Sad it is that even the written word appears to have lost its sanctity.

Financial impropriety quickly spreads like a wave in an organization that is devoid of professional honesty. That corruption touches the lives of almost all citizens in almost all spheres of their existence is therefore a hard reality that is not surprising at all. Moreover despite the majority of interactions of individuals and organizations with the tantra being laced with graft, it is a strange scenario that everyone complains and curses yet expects someone else to stem the rot.

Mere symbolism will not do. On my morning walks cutting across the diplomatic enclave of Chanakyapuri, the names of the streets always make me chuckle with amazement. Nyaya Marg, the street of justice is followed by the Satya Marg, the street of truth. Niti Marg, the street of propriety comes next to be followed by Shanti Path, the street of peace and tranquility.  Next comes the Vinay Marg, the street of humility and humbleness. And the most interesting of them all is Satya Sadan, the homes of the truthful. It is evident to even the novice that a lot of water has flown since the diplomatic enclave of Chanakyapuri came of its own.



  1. Its great to see Railway has found a person like you whose values are more powerful than steel and thoughts faster than wheel.
    Adorning a road with Niti & Satya synonyms is the easiest way to make fun of values but individual like you will ensure that moving feets on those roads must be firm & grounded in their path of life.

    Your credintials..Ineffable...
    Dr. Nanditesh Nilay
    Training Requirement & New Concept]
    Co- Chairman,ISTD Diploma Board

  2. My India is not a nation but a system of anarchy , hypocrisy and loot.

    Here rules are made for selective application and mostly violated.

    We practice double standard in governance itself , which has lead to chocking of inner voice, for freedom of speech in our country comes at heavy price of loosing livelihood or life.
    Air India is mirror image of our nation India.

    Indian organizations are full of mafia sub-sets within them , where they save their turf by all unethical means. The boss of the syndicate often feels like a bull, not to be held accountable and questionable for their misdeed. any criticism is not taken kindly.

    Air India has lost due to the utter loot, firmed up by corrupt ways of promotion of chamcha and colluder within, by is Dire-actors and damagers.
    The machinery is geared to augment the misdeed and whims of its boss , with
    few morsel or bone of succulent part falling on them to relish.

    Mr Lohani should not allow any body to take him for a ride. Glib talking smarter parasites are all around. He is hard working but without a developed infrastructure to understand dynamic, profitable models of sales and the ways commercial are parasiting and colluding with agents.

    Indian talk patriotism but do acts otherwise. Loot is at time offered to God and demi-gods to wash off sins and imminent incarceration.

    Air India can never be at peace, for it encouraged coterie culture . The
    rise of few with blotch well known have eroded the trust on decision maker.
    Its bosses never nurture talent , they would never groom the second or third
    level to replace them when they died. They create situation so that air india is
    compelled to hire them even when their secured looting tenure is over.

    System is crumbling, its assets are in disarray. Action are not taken in real
    time and rather than firming up accountability .Mafia pillars of airline are being
    pampered and are least cooperative to give desired results .

    Dire-actors are adept in getting scotfree by glib talk and least respected by subordinate , except by the loot sharing mafia subordinates.

    His director-personal is a chimney smoker and seen uncontrollably drunk in most parties.

    His name surfaced in magazine Punch for pilot selection job racket.

    Government should employ a retired supreme court judge to hear staff grievances in court like fashion to do justice to their heartburn so that they feel cared and justice restored.

    I wish Mr Lohani good luck and success But he has toughest job ahead. All bureaucrats are eagerly watching him to fail and be laughable.

  3. Mr Lohani...I am a humble soldier but take keen interest in what you do....Please do turn around AI....and maybe India will realize that we can look beyond IAS.

  4. The Visionary Speaks.... Heeding his Inner Voice of Conviction and Guidance......anchoring within him an aroused Kundalini !

    He strives to release the Company Karma of it's negative vibes.....he Believes and Lives the Philosophy.....that the Soul is good......here the Soul is the Workforce of this mighty company Air India Ltd.......

    The Governance.....the energy has to be Strong .....and Vibrant......and Dynamic....Not Static.....and not a Watch Dog either......yet if it could be said.....like the Gentle Sheep Dog...who gives freedom to it's flock ... protects it from harm...Takes the flock Home...

    Today we have a Gentle.....Dynamic......Vibrant Soul who has appeared to Lead Air India.....with Compassion and Firmness.....into it's rightful place in the Sun.....

    May Shri Ashwani Lohani be Blessed abundantly by the Universe...as he anchors the Cosmic Vibrations Of Abundance...and Good Governance...which resonates so truly with his Magnificient Soul.....

    Tathastu !

  5. I request to share an idea with you, which will assist you in AirIndia.

    Request you to kindly review my post/article and request your feedback.


    I personally believe that, if our National carrier takes up this initiative, there are Billions of dollars that your Airline can recover as bonus.

    This will require a strong leadership and a collaborative team effort.

    I am only expressing this idea in National interest.

    Pankaj Srivastava

  6. There is a revenue sharing model, wherein the Airport Operator gets some share of this revenue.

    e-tailers say it makes sense to be present at airports. Airports are a very good place to get customers. There is an assured customer base and you can directly target your core customers, that too seven days a week. The returns per square foot are much higher at airports than at other stores.Retailers are here to stick around at airports and Airport retailing appears poised to take root in India anf generate a large Revenue.

    Why can Airlines also not ask for a share of this revenue ?
    Airlines also play a pivotal role in getting the footfall into the Airport by bringing the passengers at the particular Airport who do visit such shops at Airports.

    If this revenue is shared with airlines, then imagine the Billions of Revenue an AirLine will also make.

    Dear Sir,

    Request you to explore this option with positive approach which will assist you to make a turaround in AirIndia.

  7. Dear Lohani,

    you sure are getting mislead and misused by your henchmen . They are misusing proximity to further their vest interest . your own airline employees are talking about back door entry of your PS's son and huge monetary gain to your EA wife by your approval which as per them is done by violating the existing law and against equity and fairness to all.

    you must correct these blunders ,as it is tarnishing your image of fair and prudent executive.

    Your well wisher.
    May god give your power to introspect .

    Beman mahan .