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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bureaucrats stake in non-deliverance

It is often said that the power and importance of bureaucrats is inversely proportional to the economic growth of the nation. How true, especially when viewed in the context of our home grown Indian bureaucrats! Has anyone ever noticed a bureaucrat from a developed nation flaunting around his power and authority, directly or indirectly over the citizens of his nation? Do the children of countries like the USA or Britain aspire to become a civil servant, only to lord over the masses, as is so common with the children of under-developed countries like ours? The answer is a blatant No.

Well we the bureaucrats of India, whom a british playwriter once described as a bunch of bumbling nincompoops have perfected the art of rampant exploitation of the system coupled with total and absolute non-deliverance. All of them are forever giving reasons and later excuses for non-deliverance, rather than being positive and reveling in deliverance. The bureaucrats are forever busy satiating their hunger for power, perks and money and in the process being of help only to their family, friends and relatives. And why not? After all, all of them have cleared the civil services examination, one of the toughest in the country and this gives them the right for a cushy comfortable existence thereafter. Who bothers about the masses? The common man can go to hell.

The bureaucrats are powerful, only because the country is poor and under developed. And the country is poor and under developed only because of the stranglehold of the bureaucrats, these so called servants of the government, the government that is supposedly of the people, by the people and for the people. Bull shit! How the hell can the country prosper when the reins of the country have been handed over to a bunch of nincompoops who have a strong vested interest in keeping the country backward and poor?