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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A nation sans value systems

The sentencing of an ex chief minister who also heads an important political party of the country comes as a beacon of hope for all of us who had all along been silent witness to the escape of the powerful from the clutches of the law.  That the president of the national opposition party had to resign in the wake of income tax raids was literally the icing on the cake. Probity in public life appears to be conveniently missing cutting across the political and bureaucratic spectrum.

Yet the moot question remains, whether the powerful Haryana baron would also escape the noose as has been the case with all those who had been involved in the innumerable “G” series of scams that rocked this nation not too long ago? Is this verdict also going to be a shroud behind which the powerful guy that he is would make his silent escape? These and many other similar questions would be jostling the minds of many right minded citizens this wintery morning.

It is indeed strange that “Ceaser’s wife should be above suspicion” an ancient saying is not finding acceptance even amongst the doyens of the national party that claims to be different based on virtues that are generally not visible to the common man. The blatant exploits by its generals south of Vindhya and in the state of Uttarakhand, and the tacit acceptance of the same by its top leadership for a long time also strengthened the universal perception that no party is different and that almost all politicians with rare exceptions have their hand in the till.

The overall scenario remains grim. The issue of corruption continues to occupy center stage with new exploits finding their way in newspaper columns with amazing regularity. Incidents of moral depravity are also on the rise with the recent incident involving Nirbhaya shaming the entire nation.  Moreover on the economic front and the human development index, our rating as a nation continues to be low. Yet the nation continues to excel in the consumer goods scenario.

Can a nation sans value systems regard itself as developed? Perhaps there is a need for all of us to introspect and then do what we can to restore the glory and pride of our motherland!    

1 comment:

  1. It is something we've been conveniently avoiding as we do when we see so many similar happenings around us. We are either befooling our own self's or as we seem to think, others.

    Avoiding is the buzzword, rather conveniently avoiding or even refinely ignoring unknowingly the known.

    It is inside us, which we try not to show inside and thus the inside out becomes outside. We actually are trying to runaway from something which is running with us.

    It was never today, it was always to see inside first. Unfortunately, it was never been on our radar to focus upon.

    How can a nation develop when it's people who form it do not know what's inside them, they aren't able to accept that this is in me.

    They first evaluate before they express. Expression is energy in flow, energy will get a way however strong we might think of ourselves in order to stop it.

    Manipulating the situations & people and calling it managing the show. I sincerely think that there is inherently wrong in our thinking process. The direction is lost. Objectives have no relation with goals. Action is not based on thought process. Confidence is oversized.
    It is all taking the path and running on it without ever thinking of what it would lead to or is it that we need or wish to have.
    Losing time may be our wish but ignoring time or avoiding time will cost us, us.