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Monday, July 25, 2011

Testing Times

We are indeed IN for Testing Times

We have rapidly increasing number of trains

We have rapidly increasing number of passengers

We are in fact handling more trains and passengers than what our capacity permits

The recent accidents have also jolted us out of our slumber

Our trains and stations are dirty

Our infrastructure is crumbling

We have no money

We have a bloated bureaucracy, busy weaving webs

Corporate Governance is conspicuous by its absence

The system jumps on symptoms, yet does nothing about the disease

There is no direction

Staff morale is low

Corruption is rampant

Our public perception is poor

Yet despite the ills we still retain the potential to emerge as the finest example of dynamic delivery in a nation where almost nothing works

Is it not sad that a commercial organization that is in monopoly in a sellers market has brought itself to this stage

Who is responsible for this mess?

Is it the politicians? NO

Is it the staff and the unions? NO

It is the officers belonging to the seven services (Excl RPF & Medical) who in their quest for oneupmanship have brought the railways to its knees.

It is the presence of only departmental officers and the sheer absence of even one railway officer in the entire organization that has made us a vision-less and a rudder-less organization



  1. Sir,
    You are undoubtedly correct when you say that the top is responsible for the current mess in Railways however, the top will remain so unless someone rank outsider comes to the rescue.
    Indeed the system needs overhauling.
    The moot question to be answered is, why is the govt. running the railways at all. The answer will be best answered by none other than the top in Railways. why 1,2,7 or 9 services are needed when none are required.
    Rather, in order to professionalize, privatization, already inordinately delayed, is the need of the hour.
    let the private sector professionals take over and show how the railways must run.
    There is no space to step in the coaches, freights have to wait for months to get loaded, still it is resulting in losses or meaningless profit. All this when it is world's largest employer.
    where in this world will anyone find such huge no. of customers ready & willing to pay but services still not in sight? Seems
    only God knows why n how the show is being run.

  2. Sir,

    You say Railways have no money for Infrastructure development, but Railway Minister appoints HERITAGE COMMITTEE with huge monetary benefits to the Memebers of this committee. Similarly, inauguration functions are being organised with Pomp and fervor, paying lakhs of Rupees of Tax payers money to the Musicians, Singers, Cine Artists, Litterateurs. Why not use this money for service improvement.

    As for privitisation, i do not agree that services will improve as India is still not ready for such services. Privatisation has only helped few individuals in amassing huge wealth at the cost of the common man.