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Friday, March 19, 2010

Environment blues

Environment helps, it definitely acts as a catalyst in either a positive way or negative and that too fast. My new office that earlier boasted of one of the worst environments ever possible, is changing for the better. I can feel positive vibes, a positive energy that is slowly finding its way in the nooks and corners of this office, the nerve center of operations for trains in the capital area.
My belief in the power of environment took root in the early 80's when I observed a Calcuttan changing his colors immediately on descending the stairs of the newly constructed metro. The same guy who spitted and also litterred the town center known as Chowringhee, developed a sense of pride within the metro premises, a pride so fierce that it generated a feeling of protection for the metro system. Similar incidents, repeated many times over in subsequent years strengthened my belief in the positive effects of environment.
Most of us from the sarkari sector remain oblivious to this effect for want of first hand experience. And when they experience it, their life changes. But I find it sad that even the so called leaders occupying top managerial positions show no concern for either the environment or the HR. Their concern as always remains their own self, that prevents them for attaining true bliss.

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