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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Touching new milestones in governance

The Karnataka episode is one of the sickest happenings in the national political scenario in recent times. That the governance of a state can be traded for the sheer appeasement of a politician who is regarded as the epitome of corruption and is known for his craftiness is a sad state of affairs. How much deeper is the pit still, is a question doing the rounds in the minds of all those who still have nationalistic feelings. What one really fails to appreciate is the claim of the main opposition to be called a party with a difference. Well if this is what the difference is all about, we citizens have really no alternative and have perhaps reached a dead end.

This blatant victory of corruption has made me sad. It was always sad to witness massive ill gotten gains of those who were regarded as the fountainhead of power and found their way to Tihar, sadder still is to knowingly bow down to corruption and appoint stooges of the masters of corruption to govern a state. While the wide reaching implications of this act of impropriety shall reverberate across the state shaking it to its foundations, the precedence that this one incident has set shall only bring further grief to this battered nation of ours.

The march to Tihar of the pillars of power and pelf that we witnessed with great satisfaction last year has also now reversed. All of them have since then marched out of the holy precincts and would be preparing to get on with the act at the earliest. It is indeed a pity that only a few months of comfortable incarceration in Tihar is the price to be paid for a level of loot that shall sustain generations. Unfortunate it is that the short spells of incarceration would provide sufficient motivation to all those who had always been waiting in the wings for a safe route to mint millions.

The absolute lack of organizational as well as national pride that the nation is witness to in its citizens is the root cause behind such events. The bureaucracy is also not much behind the politicos in its acts of hoisting corrupt and or inept bureaucrats to apex positions. Service by, of and for the self has merged as the mantra of the entire bureaucratic system.

It all boils down to dearth of leadership of the right kind. Unfortunately as the system deteriorates, it becomes increasingly difficult for the right kind of leader to emerge after loosening the vice like grip that a corrupt and inept system tends to possess.

I was speaking to a leading politician today, who called the scenario hopeless and mentioned that while this nation shall never become important, it may only remain relevant because of its huge population. An apt analysis of a nation on the move, rapidly downhill.


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