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Friday, July 20, 2012

IR needs magicians

My extended stay in the railways is convincing me by the day that what IR really needs are magicians as the organization has crossed the line beyond which sanity has ceased to exist. The days of seeking outstanding officers are passe and only true magicians who work out of thin air can only survive.

I often go back to my childhood days when I used to watch with awe and appreciation a magician pulling out a chicken or a wad of notes from a hat that he had earlier convinced the gullible audience to be empty. That is what the organization needs now almost desperately, to produce wonders from thin air. And so the deep rooted aspiration of the organization for magicians to replace even the most brilliant set of officers whom I bump into with amazing regularity. Hilarious but true.

Yes, stunning delivery without inputs is the crying need of the hour.

It is sad but true that we aspire for delivery from almost all sections of this organization that once had a "great" affixed to its name, sans materials, manpower, funds system changes and even basic dignity, while at the same time dispensing on a platter rather liberally massive doses of charge sheets, advice and ridicule almost always.

How the hell I am going to bring about major changes in a system that is not designed for delivery, in an environment that has assiduously cultivated what can be conveniently cited as the antithesis of time tested and established value and managerial systems, shall remain my biggest concern.

Yet my belief that sheer willpower is a much more potent force than even what the deeply ingrained negatives in the railways can garner may be the only thing that shall save the day.

Insha Allah.


  1. sir

    What you are writing in your blogs is a violation of railway service conduct rules or not?

    A non-magician Government servant

  2. It is a violation only if one criticizes the government or its policies. I write about only the shortcomings of the system