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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hope lives

My feelings on landing at Baroda House are almost akin to those that I had while descending on the hot seat of the Delhi division. The scenario is also almost the same with infrastructure and the human resource being the focus of bureaucratic apathy. In one of my earlier blogs I had questioned the existence of headquarters offices in the railway setups, citing them as redundant bodies that would contribute more to the railways if they closed shop and I still feel the same way. Yet the headquarters offices provide jobs to many and that is indeed a saving grace.

Rhetoric apart, it is a fact that a lot can still be achieved. In all my postings I divide the work in two distinct areas, one that can take place with a swing of my pen and the other that requires many more thumb impressions. And what one is empowered to deliver is also fairly substantial, though many of us fail to see the same from within the dense haze of what one is not empowered for.

Not withstanding the constraints and the archaic rules and procedures that prohibit delivery, it should be possible for the team to post spectacular results that based on my past experiences, I am certain would be forthcoming. Yes it would however necessitate infusion of a lot of energy, enthusiasm, gut and value systems in the bunch of youngsters that form part of my team. 

My team has always scripted major successes and this gives me hope as well as confidence to face challenges head on.

Insha Allah we shall succeed!


  1. congratulation on your joining as cme. hope lives

  2. Mr.Turnaround,
    I've been reading your thoughts on "Think". I believe they are thought provoking as well as shake you to think & do beyond what is being done.
    you are a railway officer with a fairly long stint in service.
    As a passenger, I would like you to share your thoughts on passenger facilities in railways, i.e, assistance help desks, toilets, drinking water on stations, catering facilities, waiting & retiring room etc.
    I request you to pl. share your thoughts. this is especially so because I saw a drastic change at N.Delhi station in the recent past.

  3. True, hope will live, till there are people like you in this world. The fire you ignited in so many people will certainly make changes happen.

    Most important is that you live in the hearts of many as hope. And more important than your actions and turnaround works, is the fact that you are a rare human specie who is really a good person at heart.

    And there are people, who do not remember you for your material works only, but badly miss a nice person.

    Somebody has said " Jab raat sabse kaali ho tau samajh lena ke subah hone wali hein". Waiting for the 'Subah'. Hope Lives.

    Take care and God bless you.