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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Throwing Up!

If everything is in a mess, then who takes the blame?

Roads are in a mess, so are the sewer lines, water supply and electricity supply cutting across the nation. The entire nation is covered by the haze of scams and more scams are awaiting to be unearthed every day. Uneducated and un-housed indians and there are many of them even after over sixty three years of survival as a free nation, make our heads hang in shame. The rajas and the britishers have left but we have created a ruling class that is far worse. Atleast the kings and the britishers were fair and also looked after the populace, the new dispensation in place in the self rule era appropriately looks after only the self and rules over others. Dealing with the sarkari tantra, any section of it is a nightmare, especially if one is a "aam aadmi".

Let none be in doubt that the rot is absolute and total. And unless we accept this reality, the change for the better would always elude us.

The funniest part of the scenario is that almost all indians accept the ground reality and have solutions, that they expect "OTHERS" to implement. Even sarkari mulazims have solutions that they expect "OTHER" sarkari mulazims to implement. Instead of a team working, a "WE" versus "THEY" scenario also pervades the entire sarkari machinery. With few exceptions, the top guys fail to provide the leadership that is expected of them and engross themselves in the "WE-THEY" game.

The thoroughness of the rot convinces me that setting right the sarkari tantra would require almost a revolution. And unless we have revolutionaries, people with revolutionary thought processes who also have the guts to implement what they feel or say, occupying the top slots, nothing much can be expected.

The moot issue therefore is whether a deeply rotten system has the capability to throw up people other than rank mediocres?

1 comment:

  1. Respected Sir

    Its true it is really very hard to find the people which are away from the "WE and THEY" mentality in every SARKARI TANTRA and this is the one of the cause of corruption in Our country due to which we are far behind the so many nation despite of the fact that we have caliber to lead the world. There are small small things which require attention. Even we can not hide ourself because in sixty three years we learnt to IGNORE which caused the slow decay to our nation. And today we are standing in a position that being a largest democracy of world we are ashamed of corruption, the black money, the scams. At last we chose it. And Revolution at this stage is difficult unless the youth unite and learn a new trend of ignoring to IGNORE and become sensible.