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Monday, April 25, 2011

Critical mass!

It was definitely not a small number of concerned citizens that was worried about the Anna Hazare sit-in at Jantar Mantar going the Egypt or the Libya way. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, it did not. It did not, despite at one point of time the total gathering at the site exceeding a hundred thousand. What therefore prevented the movement from acquiring a bigger overtone, that perhaps may have provided a quicker solution to the problem of total and absolute rot in the social fabric?

That we are corrupt society is not in doubt and that the sarkari tantra takes the cake for providing a sense of absoluteness in corrupt practices is also not in doubt. In the last sixty three years as an independent nation, we have unfortunately emerged as the most corrupt society in the world, with perhaps one difference - none of its citizens accepts its role in the same and invariably blames the others for the rot.

Every nuclear reaction requires a critical nuclear mass for the reaction to self intiate. Perhaps the same is true is for revolutions that require a critical mass of committed and honest citizens, something that our nation is unable to provide at present. And that appears to be the reason why revolutions occur in other nations and not in our motherland despite it being far ahead in providing reasons for the same.

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