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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Omnipresent corruption

Things have now come to such a pass in the country that even the corrupt believes that he is being harrassed and persecuted by corrupt government functionaries. The saddest part is that the honest people who are in power and can really do something have also started accepting corruption as a normal way of life.
The governments of today, the majority of them with rare exceptions of course have started resembling a giant mall where every service is on sale. It is actually impossible for anyone, even the minor government functionaries to be able to get anything done from the sytem without the customary greasing of palms.
The recent incident that brought a lot of shame to the fantastic state of Madhya Pradesh is perhaps a small window in the reality of today. A reality that is ugly, and that is why is kept under wraps. A reality that is responsible for keeping the nation backward and poor. But why such incidents do not result in a widespread anger and anguish against the system is what bothers me truly.
The high level of acceptance of, rather than corruption per se is the real cause of concern!

1 comment:

  1. compassion is the basis of all morality - Gandhi
    individual rights are a means to subordinate society to moral law - Ayn Rand
    morality is absolute - common knowledge
    problem is - where is the compassion
    - where are the leaders with individual rights perspective