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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mistrust is the key

I am now convinced that mistrust, of the system and the individuals making up the system is the key to the total mess up and chaos we witness in organizations in India, cutting across sectors. And we are using that key rather more too often.
It is unfortunate that even the class one officers of the country are gripped by this malaise. The senior one becomes, the more he is likely to mistrust his subordinates, conveniently forgetting that once he was also a junior and that the only thing that seniority in service begets is neither knowledge nor experience, but vision. The higher one climbs a pole, the farther he can see and the same holds good even for sarkari services.
Why the hell dont people accept that only complete trust in the system and more importantly the individuals making it up is the best way to make a beginning in this otherwise hopeless situation. And therefore everyone pads up figures and even situations knowing fully well that as he will not be trusted, he will atleast get what he wants, even if the untrusting superior imposes a hefty cut. A chicken and egg situation results.
All my successes, and there have been many, have been the result of this trust in individuals that I fiercely posess and also cherish.

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