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Saturday, February 20, 2010

can u feel the pain?

Can you feel the pain of others? Can you feel the pain of your men who feel they have been wronged? If the answer is Yes, then you qualify to be a real human being. If No then whatever you may say, you are just not concerned about the human beings around you and therefore have no right to expect concern from others. I feel sick of the duplicity of people, especially of the sarkari kind who profess concern for their men and also the masses, but do not feel or even appreciate the pain of others.

Yes, feeling the pain of others complicates the life but also makes the life worth living for and worth dying for. After all what is life, a transient extravaganza, a momentary period of existance in this never ending cycle of time. It is definitely not worth living for ones own self.

When my wife feels the pain of her servants, it makes me proud of her. When I feel the pain of the staff working under me, my life acquires a new meaning. The mere feeling that other human beings and myself are part of that greater power, makes me one with the universe. Life then acquires a new meaning, a meaning that is worthwhile, to live for or to die for.

1 comment:

  1. Everyone in the today’s world whether being human or animal feels pain. It is important to understand what kind to pain one suffers with...pain may be due mental ordeal, physical pain or economic loss. One should understand human psychology being the human or the slave.
    To understand the pain of someone closely knit to yourself or unknown to whom you never know; can only be understood when you for a minute put yourself in his shoes and feel that pain, which can be due to the heat of responsibility or the sufferings one has to undergo. But no one is ready to do that….as it is rightly/truly been said.…’Sayings and Doings’ are two different faces of coin and it’s only restricted to book and when come to real world for the execution, many forgets their morals and commitments which were made by them before joining any private or govt. organization, towards the service of the country. Service which should be deep from the heart but now the Money or Short Monetary benefits have over ruled these concepts of being poor, if you are a so called Sarkari Babu/ Shahab or a graduate from a world class school or college..Money can make you buy anything in this world. I too started believing in the same theory if want to be a successful man otherwise I will be the last man to be remembered in the race of the humanitarians!!!
    The mere feeling for other human beings who are suffered, give me more strength to fight for them ; can be more strengthen, if given a back up of moral support by everyone contributing very minute for the development of self!!!!