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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trivialities take the lead!

Trivialities should always remain what they intrinsically are, yet their very penchant to occupy centre stage in the sarkari way of working can neither be overlooked nor appreciated. They invariably continue to remain at the core of all that happens or does not happen within the sarkari tantra.

The most common example of trivialities overtaking the core issue is amply on display during functions relating to laying of foundation stone or inaugural ceremonies. On such occasions, the sitting arrangements, presentation of floral bouquets and unnecessary protocol effectively shrouds the primary reason behind the ceremony.

Even during the course of official working one often realizes that issues other than work play the major role in shaping careers. Concern for the boss and taking care of his needs and also that of the spouse is universally recognized far more important that the sheer act of delivery itself. Even during informal gatherings in club premises, kowtowing to superiors and their better halves is blatantly visible for that is a sure shot way of rising, if one calls it rise, within the organization.  Possessing or putting on display even a semblance of self-respect is almost fatal in bureaucratic circles, a lesson learnt fairly early in life by the bureaucrat of today.

So shorn of self-esteem many of us are that even a difference of opinion by someone lower down in the hierarchy is viewed as dissent, while at the same time even blatant abuse by superiors is taken as manna from the heavens. And in the process major issues that should normally be dissected threadbare and discussed, move as per the whims, fancy and understanding of the top honcho chairing the meeting ceremony.

Unfortunate it is that plain and simple work has become a ceremony in the sarkari sector where massaging the ego’s of those who matter occupies a much higher pedestal than delivery itself. This work culture needs to be shown the door and hopefully the new government would do so. After all a spade would continue to remain a spade regardless of what it is regarded as by those drunk on power.


1 comment:

  1. In railway bureaucracy, it is fashionable to discuss your worries about completion of a work, than to actual work.

    Such blogs seldom make a difference!