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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A phenomenon called Arnab

Arnab Goswami is a recent yet a very powerful phenomenon that fortunately is good for the nation. The nine pm Times Now debates have now emerged as a must in the daily schedule of every educated middle class Indian. That the debates are contemporary is what adds to their irresistible attraction that almost everyone finds it difficult to put aside. A crystal clear elucidation of the issue and absolute clarity of the subject is what enables Arnab never to stumble or bumble, activities reserved for those panellists who do not carry conviction over what emerges from their lips.

That Arnab is very well prepared is beyond doubt. That he is committed to the cause of the nation is fairly evident. And that he possesses the courage of the tiger is not hidden from anyone. And his overall pleasing personality is like the icing on the cake.

Overall I am floored and also satisfied for here is one Indian who does not beat about the bush and is fearless in calling a spade a spade even when the spade belongs to the ruling dispensation. Solid inner courage is what really makes the difference between those who build nations and those who do not. Mahatma Gandhi was one whose courage was exemplary, whose commitment to the cause was unflinching and who was always on the side of the truth regardless of the consequences and this is what led him to victory over the might of the british empire.

Many regard Arnab as arrogant. Yes he is, but his arrogance is based on his inner courage, integrity and conviction and not merely a false sense of ego and pride. I wish the members of the bureaucracy and the political classes cutting across party lines had a similar brand of arrogance for then the nation would already have arrived in the real sense.  

This biggest contribution of these debates is that they have started instilling a sense of fear amongst the powerful wrongdoers who so far had none to dissect their acts. The voracious tearing apart of the arguments blatantly favoring the wrongdoers would, if continued in the same spirit bring the fear of god in the minds of every powerful aadmi from the ruling classes on the wrong side of law or humanity.

The new dispensation at the centre is from a party with a difference. With the inglorious decade of corruption and sloth behind us, the nation now eagerly looks forward to clean and efficient governance, an absence of scams, growth and development, swift justice and premium on merit. Perhaps all these would adorn the nation in the near future and the emergence of issues that are at the core of the debates would witness a rapid decline. Yet till such time it happens I am going to relish the grilling of wrongdoers at the hands of the phenomenon called Arnab.


  1. Indians are expert in Speech, Discussions and writing articles, blogs, comments on facebook etc. It is easier to say something or write something. Most difficult is to do the thing said or written.

    If Bureaucrats start showing courage while being posted in New Delhi, they will be transferred to North Eastern India or to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    So, Bureaucrats prefer to follow the path of Golden Silence and enjoy the perks of being posted in Delhi or Mumbai.

    1. I rarely come across bureaucrats who even have the courage to write their thoughts in blogs, articles or newspaper columns, leave alone standing up to illegal orders of superiors.

  2. In India, it pays to act like a politician while enjoying government service's perks than to write one's thoughts in blogs, articles or news paper columns [and enjoy natural beauty of Shillong or Dongapusi (after official transfer in public interest)].

    Indian Babus are the biggest politicians.

  3. When only 7% of educated Indians are able to get jobs (combined of public sector + private sectors), who will show courage to act bravely and risk his/her job? and that too in Public sector!

  4. What about Governors posted in states? Example of lateral shifting from Gujarat to Mizoram and then sacking from post is an example for Government servants.

    Fall in line and enjoy the perks of being in Sarkaari seva.