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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The cesspool that defines national politics

The recent statement by Masood the congress candidate from Saharanpur is reflective of the major malaise facing the political system of the country. While Masood indeed crossed all limits of social behavior, there have been similar incidents covering other political parties as well, though on a relatively lower scale in the politically volatile state of Uttar Pradesh. Is this reflective of the fact that goondaism has emerged as the core of the political system in our country I wonder?

How refined the language that the masses use is indicative of the state of development of the nation and if the recent statements that emerged during the ongoing Mahabharata are any indication, we have indeed come many notches down in so far as social values and behavior are concerned. The mere thought that people like Masood have a fair chance to sit in the hallowed portals of the parliament gives shivers to ordinary mortals like us. This thought also makes us hang our heads in shame as the parliament of the nation would stand disgraced by the presence of people like him as compared to people of the stature of Nehru, Shastri, Atalji, Piloo Mody and many others who raised the prestige of the august house by their presence and their words. Indeed the hallowed portals are meant for knowledgeable debates, not for flaunting muscle power or the ability to start or perpetuate goonda raj.  

And that leads me to wonder why all the leaders are not adequately vocal about the biggest malaise afflicting the nation at present – corruption. Why has no big leader ever expressed his resolve to root out this malaise from the face of the nation. Even none of our great and not so great prime ministers could find the courage or the resolve or perhaps the moral authority to announce the beginning of the battle against corruption while addressing the nation every independence day.

The answer is simple. The political as well as the bureaucratic system of the country is mired deep into corrupt practices and expecting one of them to announce the beginning of the battle would therefore be asking for too much. And it is not as if the menace is so big that it cannot be brought under control or eradicated. It merely requires the resolve and the morality of those in power who have the authority of the pen.

Perhaps the cesspool that the nation appears to have entered into is so deep and so thick that getting out of it is going to be difficult. Being a part of the system I appreciate the deep rooted spread of the mess, yet I wish that the leader who emerges would take this issue head on for only then the nation would have any chance of moving forward in the real sense.

If only wishes were horses!

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