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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rotten to the core!

Anna is at it once again. Kejriwal, his team member is sick after seven days of fast and has cited the example of Gandhi, when asked whether his fast can be forcibly broken by the authorities. With an absolute bureaucratic as well as political indifference towards the cause, I am afraid that he may become the martyr that he has been openly talking about.

Corruption at its worst is at the core of Anna's agitation that has touched the chord in the heart of all right minded indians who are as yet untouched by this rapidly proliferating virus. Perhaps it has also touched those who are corrupt, as genuine goodness is revered even by those who have crossed the line.

Indeed it is true that the biggest malaise facing the nation is rampant corruption that has touched every nook and corner of every sector of this once great nation. The sarkari tantra being the fountainhead of the virus has engulfed the entire nation and its populace in a vice like grip. The corrupt deeds of the politicos and bureaucrats alike have become the mainstay of news columns across newspapers. Yet the populace remains resigned to its fate and partakes of the loot whenever an opportunity arises. The penetration is almost total and that perhaps is the only single instance of perfection achieved in the nation.

Yet the working of the bureaucracy and the political machinery never ceases to amaze me. Despite corruption being at the core of the malaise afflicting the nation, the constituents of the tantra keep on fiddling with routine mundane issues and in the process attempting to convey the impression that they are busy in serious issues that the nation faces. Yes, unless the issue of corruption is brought center stage and tackled head on,  I am afraid even movements like that of Anna are not likely to give results.

It also needs appreciation that the battle is tough, primarily because of the resigned acceptance and also tacit indulgence of a very large proportion of the masses. The poor literacy levels also contribute in the inability of the masses at large to appreciate the damaging affect that corruption has on the fabric of the society. Yet, it is possible provided there is will on the part of the tantra, not to scuttle movements like that of Anna but to look inwards and accept the malaise openly, as a precurser to the tough remedial steps that would need to follow.

Till then we continue to remain happily in the muck!



  1. Dear Mr Turnaround,

    I no more believe that the genuine goodness is revered, specially after i had been stabbed in an attempt to distort my face, when i refused to succumb to the sexual desires of a very senior bureaucrat.

    Corruption- material and moral- seems no one is sanitised.

    If one really wants to fight against it, s/he has to adopt all the ill means- no fair play can help you win the game... no andolan... no party formation... just kill all the bastards and be a smarter rascal than all rascals.

    You have to get into the dirt to clean it.

    Do you agree?

    1. I partly agree. Yet there is no force like truth that ultimately wins. I have also had more than my fair share of unceremonious removals and transfers, yet giving up or joining them is still a distant thought. And being good does not mean being weak.

  2. True, being good does not mean being weak. But don't you think that these people must be taught a lesson. And let us not wait for God to punish them and increase God's burden.

    And we will never join them in spirit.