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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In God we trust!

Ramdev's shadow loomed large over the sixty sixth anniversary of the independence day of the nation. It was only yesterday that he swarmed by his supporters had almost held the city to ransom over the basic issue of corruption. Yet he blinked first and left, in what was a battle that had just started getting fought.

Yes it is true that for the first time the nation is in the throes of a war on corruption launched by two citizens who are honest and have taken the nation by storm, and fortunately would not be cowed down by the might of the state. And this time the state also played its part tactfully, staying away from confrontation, and in the process making the other party blink first.

For the first  time many of us did not feel the fervor that occasions like the independence and republic day have the capability to rouse. How can one take a pride in a nation that has been taking rapid strides, merely in the realm of corrupt practices? In an environment marked by an all pervasive and deeply entrenched corrupt practices, how can one be inspired by independence day speeches that are not from the heart and at best  classify as mere rhetoric? It is indeed sad that even the might of the nation that is on full display on such occasions now fails to have the desired patriotic impact and merely assumes the aura of a grand spectacle.

That is what we have brought even the most sacred of our national events to, a mere grand spectacle. Sad yet true.

Anna is a ray of hope. Having ignited minds and brought the issue of corruption center stage, the issue now needs to be taken further to its logical conclusion. The entire tantra needs to be cleansed of inefficiency and corruption and a system based on integrity and justice that the existing pillars of our democratic system have failed to achieve in the over six decades of the existence of a free nation, needs to be firmly established. Thankfully India is not China where a Tianaman type strike can crush public movements in a single swipe. Yet India is also not a nation where the masses can resolve and say - this far and no further, for they have also, perhaps out of compulsion become an integral part of the the system that thrives on corruption.

In the absence of a suitable alternative, even 2014 may not provide a solution. The deep morass that has engulfed the entire tantra now needs a leader who has the integrity, understanding, conviction and courage in an abundant measure to be able to take on the might of the system for the benefit of the nation. But the horizon does not offer hope. The days of oral pills and surgery being over, what the system now needs is a massive dose of chemotheraphy on a sustained basis and perhaps that is the only treatment that may work, yet we need a doctor to initiate treatment.

In eighty four million gods we trust and they may bless us with a solution.

Insha Allah.


  1. Great information .........anyway our two great citizens started moment well lets see what happens they should not stop anti corruption and I hope people will support them and finally one day we will be free from corruption.......

  2. The 'Incredible India' is really incredible! Very easily we have shrugged off all the responsibiltiies and we are not offering active support to anti-corruption and waiting the two people to act on our behalf.
    Late Acharya Shriram of Haridwar has said a wonderful thing- "Hum sudharenge, youg sudherega, hum badalenge, yug badalega"
    Any comments, Mr Turnaround?

  3. Mr.Turnaround is busy with affairs of Northern Railway. Let us Indians wish him and his team all the best in his efforts , while being in the giant bureaucracy of Indian Railways.