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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Temples of modern India

The keeping of separate posts of Chairman and Managing Directors in State run corporations is not without a well reasoned thought process. Bureaucrats man the post of Managing Director while politicos who cannot be accommodated in the cabinet or any other juicy slot are slotted as Chairman of corporations. The mandate given to such chairman’s is not the revival or well being of the corporation, but to extract as much juice as possible for himself as well as his mentors. And this is the primary reason for the generally bad state of affairs in such corporations.
With the entire political system thriving on a policy of give and take, it is not really surprising that the political masters, cutting across parties and states are generally on a looting spree. Yes, it is true that there exist glaring exceptions, but these can be counted on fingertips in this nation of over a billion people.

Having had three stints in public sectors at the national and state levels, my inherent belief in the latent strength of the Indian public sector is yet undented. That the shades of ownership do not really matter in the performance of commercial enterprises and what really matters is the commitment, zeal and integrity of the top guy is a thought that has got firmly ingrained in me over a period of time. And therefore blatant attempts to foist known corrupt elements on the seat of Chairman’s of corporations generate a feeling of revulsion for the system. A system that justifies such blatant attempts as necessary in a democracy has no reason to exist and needs to be demolished and rebuilt.

Recent attempts, even at the national level to separate the post of Chairman from that of the CMD and gift it to a down yet not out of favour politician in central PSU's also leaves a bad taste in the mouth. National properties are meant to remain what they are and not to be hived off or utilized for petty personal gains. The entire disinvestment exercise that the nation went through at the turn of the century was a “sell off” in the garb of “improving governance” and a perfect example of professional corruption at the highest levels.

It is indeed sad that cutting across the political spectrum, attempts to sodomize what Nehruji called the temples of modern India continue with impunity!



  1. The voice is not being heard!

    Though there are people who share the same sentiment, the fear to face the inner fear is a constant with the Babu's in the hierarchical system. Like minded people need to come up and share sentiments to take things further to weed up the Politicians.

  2. Weed Out actually!