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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Life confuses -

Is life all about being in power or
About Rolling in cash or

Is life all about merely raising a family and settling children
and leading a retired comfortable life Or

Is life all about helping others and being one with humanity
with no thought about caste, creed, position and belongings

A friend said -

"Bina Libaas aaye tey is jahaan mein
Bas ek kafan ki khatir itna safar karna pada"

And that gives another meaning to this journey when the futility of everything, every action gets illuminated

Or Is life all about just being at peace with oneself

Or is there a bigger meaning to life and if so then what it is?

Perhaps life is just to be lived to its fullest with all its ups and downs, both of which really do not matter in the long run, a long run that pales into insignificance when compared to the eternal run of the cosmos.

Confused am I and rightly so.



  1. Hellen Keller has said- " I am only one, but still i am one, i cannot do everything, but i can do something,i will not refuse to do what i can do."

    We are all puppets in the hands of God. And when we are born on this earth, we have to perform all worldly duties.

    Life is all about living with a clear
    conscious. Having peace of mind is not always in our hand, but offcourse, having clear conscious is in our hand.
    Similarly, nothing is wrong or right, in isolation. Important is your attitude and your intention. Ram and Ravan both killed many, but Ram killed bad ones and Ravan, the good ones, that made the difference. Similarly someone may call love as infidelity and other may say its infidelity. It is whether one has guilt feeling or not.
    Don't get confused. Just live with clear conscious. If you have no regrets, if you never hurt anybody, that is the best life one can have. Happiness multiplies when we give it.
    I just pray that may god give you strength enough that nobody/nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
    Be happy.

  2. YEAH MY LORD I m too many times confused as u r this time. but i would like to share a true experience wd u. onday while passing BHD question started hanging in mind what is life? is that all abt making my life or dependent? we wake up, we work we sleep.....
    suddenly a girl with a tight jeans( tight thigh show)come across, and i got ATMaGYAN. honestly.... i realized that is d life,,, mr. Lohani believe pal life really means wt u want it to be................ 9