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Monday, February 6, 2012

Thinking of 3 Idiots

Run after excellence and success shall automatically follow. True yet rarely practiced, this message hit me rather hard yesterday night while watching portions of the film with Arushi, my youngest child.

The regular jostling for prominence and recognition by persons not worthy of recognition themselves that we bureaucrats regularly indulge in, suddenly seemed to be an exercise in futility. The meaning of the word "success" itself started taking a new turn. That success is something that one can aspire for and achieve almost every day in our lives is a thought that hit my mind several times during the course of the movie.

Rancho, the hero of the film has an extremely bewitching personality. He is indeed genuineness personified and a truly genuine man can move mountains. Gandhi was one of this kind and he moved, literally pushed the mighty british empire out of the country. A man without biases, without fear, without ego and always ready to experiment even in uncharted territories is the one who can change the world, we all live in, crib about yet expect others to change. And it is indeed a genuine man who can heartily laugh at situations and also at himself whenever the situation so warrants.

Is it possible to get de-encapsulated of the rank and the position that the society has conferred upon us by virtue of being bureaucrats and hold humanity above these flimsy positions? Is it possible for us to rise above the rank that we temporarily hold? Difficult yet possible and Budhalakoti, the erstwhile General Manager of the Northern Railway who retired recently always remained far above the rank that he held.

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