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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Muck at Ground Zero

I have now reached a level where I do not find it strange that we the bureaucrats of Hindustan, fail to see the muck at the functional levels, despite treading on it almost on a daily basis. Totally oblivious of the environment, we tread on uncharted territories lightly, with our eyes firmly fixed not on the horizon, but on the backsides of those above and those who matter.

The image of the sarkar is formed, partly by the conduct of its bureaucrats and politicos but mainly by the conduct, behavior and deliverance of its cutting edge functionaries, and that level remains neglected almost always whenever we talk of change.

A change is a change only when changes are visible at the ground level. Laloo’s turnaround was therefore not exactly a turnaround as it failed to make or show any change at the functional levels. Infrastructure, operations and services remained where they were, almost at ground zero, yet whatever happened was touted as a case study in management. How strange and how sad?

For a common man, and I am not referring to either the politicos, bureaucrats or the rich, it is impossible to get anything done from the sarkari tantra without the customary greasing of palms. Yes, heavy infusion of information technology has definitely helped in areas such as train reservations in railways and land records in select states, yet the areas that pinch certainly outnumber the smooth ones. House registration, electrical connection, water connection, an FIR, sending parcels on train, getting paid for contractual work etc are areas that display extreme smoothness only after applying substantial grease.

Yet our penchant for the almost dysfunctional vigilance setups keeps on growing despite the fact that the accumulation of muck at ground zero is continually on the rise, perhaps aided and abetted by these very setups that were ostensibly formed to curb malpractices.

When shall we, the people who really matter and who are mandated to bring about change indeed start walking on ground zero and removing the muck with their own actions? Till then, despite proclamations to the contrary, we shall remain where we are, at the bottom of almost everything.


  1. Dysfunctional vigilance: It is very easy to blame an organisation as dysfunctional. But do you change the system. A vigilance department is headed by an officer who at times or rather at most of the time had worked on the same department that he now has to made corruption free. The team members or staff are are temporary. They are selected not on the basis of their intelligence or capabilities but on their links with the officer. The inspector is supposed to interrogate the person, who may be his colleague or his officer or his junior with special leverages, finds it very difficult to even ask obvious questions. He knows that after completion of the vigilance deputation he has to report back to these persons. Why to buy enemies. The muck in the system you are taking about is due to the faulty system that has deep roots.
    Any one has to initiate the change. He has to face the music. I know you are being known as turn around specialist. But does the system let you easy way for the turn around.
    Sarkari tantra is deteriorating day by day. We need to identify the hard working, honest and sincere persons. Shed away the reservation system. enough damage has already been done. just stop now or get ready for another slavery. This time it would be economic slavery. I, as a common man can see it that why the think tanks ar silent. Is this due to corruption.

    1. The executive has to be vigilant. No other body can eliminate corruption if the executive is unconcerned. There is massive corruption in the country despite the CVC, CBI and other vigilance setups. Most of these setups have become another roadblock in the already extremely complex tantra of ours. Unless we appreciate that the complexity of the tantar is the culprit, nothing much shall happen.

      We all blame the system yet do nothing about the system under our control. Let us all put in our best, and forget about the rest.

  2. I have been trying to justify my job. But do the system has time to identify my work. The Sarkari system is complex because we have made it complex. Every individual is an important link. Now it seems most of the links are just passing time. A phrase for every Sarkari Naukar
    " Tu kam na kar, Kam ki fikr kar,
    Apni is fikr ka har ek se jikr kar.
    Jo kam kare uski ungli kar,
    Jo kam na kare uski chugli kar" .
    With this attitude adopted by most of the employees, do we expect much change. Just be vigilant to survive.