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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taste of own medicine

My friend Vikas Arya has hit the nail right on the head when he says that the officer clan of the railways, has started getting a taste of its own medicine through the recent suspensions of faultless officers. His statement has opened up a new line of thought, hitherto unexplored.

It is indeed true that the officer clan of the railways never batted an eyelid in imposing indiscriminate suspensions and punishments on the front line staff, without caring a fig about whether the guy is really responsible or not for the act of high treason that the guy is being charged with. What has however emerged as a serious concern is that the bar has been moved upwards and officer class has also started getting a taste of the medicine that they regularly prescribed to the downtrodden. I find it ironic.

The fact remains that the railways with over fourteen hundred thousand employees has lost its HR focus totally and absolutely. The concern for the “aam railway man” has almost evaporated in the last few decades. It amazes me that in my over three decades of service, I have not been summoned to attend even one meeting that had the welfare of the staff at its core. Is it not sad that we discuss budgets, operations, materials and projects and even welfare of the super bosses, but never, repeat never the welfare of the staff.

Leave alone welfare, the system presided over by the railway bureaucrats leaves no stone unturned in exploiting the staff to the hilt. Classic instances of the same are some very glaring exploitation cases of irregularly utilized railway staff at residences of very senior railway officers who go even to the extent of physical assaults and extracting money from the hapless employees.

And I am amazed at the extent of charge sheets being issued, aghast at the trampling of self esteems and sad at the overall environment that promotes injustice and tends to deprive basic human dignity to those below by those above.

And the management continues to think that the problems plaguing railways lie elsewhere. How foolish and how sad!

1 comment:

  1. I truely agree with what you write. But can you suggest ways to implant a work culture in the present system. Attending to the personal work always takes front seat than official work. You must know Mr Jasbir Pal Singh a top railway officer. all the ex and present employees work under his blessings. I know a person who supply daily milk and vegetables to his house on date also and is blessed with promotions and no time duties. He can make any officer transferred who dares to argue and set him pro-railway. Another person was promoted with late entry of reservation certificate. These persons do charge salary from railways but work primarily for My Singh and than for railways. Mr singh and his son runs industries and railway is bound to buy material from these firms. Railway Board issues directions in this regard to be followed by railways. no officers is concerned with quality or price.

    i think in the present changing senario if any upper management is getting to answer is a very positive change.

    our personnel department has become useless. a full voloume of emloyees there produces negative output. can they be eliminated from the system.

    NO. we can only think and do job we are entrusted for.